VR/AR solutions for training & education - wind energy and offshore industry

VR/AR solutions for training & education
wind energy and offshore industry

VRS_Solutions is a virtual reality studio by windhunter group (20 years on the market),
creating tailor-made VR /AR applications and innovative IT solutions.
Our services are dedicated to the clients from the on- and offshore wind energy and other branches.


Products & services


Wind energy. Onshore & offshore

  • stress-resistance tests
  • nacelle evacuation training conducted in safe conditions, with realistic perceptions for work at heights
  • wind turbines installation, maintenance and repair technical training
  • communication with a helicopter – guidance during landing


  • internal fires simulation
  • fire spreading
  • evacuation from burning buildings
  • training in realistic conditions, but without risk

First aid

  • mass casualty accidents – victims segregation
  • road accidents – securing the site
  • first aid in various rescuer’s life risk conditions (e.g. fire, highway, chemical leak


  • airport security – scenarios preparing the personnel to react accordingly in the case of risk of terrorist attack
  • building security – scenarios in difficult to recreate conditions (e.g. at night); testing reaction time to specific incentives
  • personal security – training the ability to focus on the protected person despite various incentives; recognising potential terrorists within the crow